Adding a Font to WIX

Adding A Font to WIX

Does adding a font to WIX need expert skills? The good news is what might feel like an specialist task is very possible, meaning – yes – you can add fonts to WIX (and other web builders for that matter, such as WordPress).

Fonts are, of course, very important to the branding of our site and your company as a whole.

For example Coca-cola have copyright protected their own ‘Coca-Cola’ font, which is named ‘Loki Cola’.

So, if you want to maintain  professional standard of brand consistency or your website you may want to use your own font in WIX, keeping your visual brand in line with the likes of your social media and packaging.



Finding the Right Font for You

On WIX there are many fonts to choose from, from the likes of the famous ‘Times New Roman’ to the more sophisticated ‘Belinda’ font. To try and find the right font for you it is very simple: simply select the text element where you would like to change the font. A number of settings will appear beside the element such as edit text, animation and help.

Select the setting edit text and it will show a popup, with a range of different text settings including text colour, font size and many others including different effects. You’ll also find the fonts setting here. Select on the fonts drop-down and you will find many different WIX own fonts. Simply choose the right font for you.

Nice font a a piece of paper

Uploading a Font to WIX

Compared to the liked of Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word, WIX doesn’t have as many fonts . So, in some cases it might be hard to find the right font for your site. Therefore you can upload a free or paid downloadable font.

The first step to uploading your font is to have the font downloaded onto your device you’re using. You can use sites such as Fontsquirrel, Dafont, Google Fonts and more to find free fonts and in some cases purchase the ideal font for you.

To then add the font to your site, you will need to go to the left hand site element called ‘My Uploads’. Once clicked it will show you a drop-down of the different files you can upload. For instance you can upload vector art, videos, tracks and documents from here. You will also see fonts. Click on the fonts and then the ‘Upload Fonts’ button in the top of right of the popup box. When opened find the right font on your device and open the file to upload.

Alternatively you can drag and drop the file into the window that appears when the fonts element is click within the ‘My Uploads’.


Using your Uploaded Font

To then use your uploaded font you first must wait until the font is uploaded to your site. Once uploaded hit done of the window. To then use your font, you will find it in the font drop-down alongside all the other fonts. Highlight the text you would like to and find the right font in the drop-down. It should change your text.

Always test your font when first uploaded to make sure that it suits your site. If the font doesn’t suit your site, you may feel the need to either use a font already on WIX or find another downloadable font and complete the upload process all over again.


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