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  • Williams Graphics .. It is all about Commitment & Quality !

    Inside the world of a creative Graphic Designer....
    What inspired or motivated you to be a Graphic Designer?
    I don't feel like I had any direct inspiration or catalyst in becoming a graphic/website designer. I started when I was young and I never stopped. You hear people mention sometimes that they "were born to do something" and to me it always sounds so cliché but thinking about it now, it seems like quite an appropriate way to describe how I feel about what I do.
    I had my own little video company in secondary-school with my friends where we made animations and comedy-sket


  • Taisia Novakhova

    An exciting fashion designer talks to us, learn more from Taisia Novakhova Now!


    What inspired you for the new 2015 Spring/Summer collection?

    I have noticed a trend lately in what is inspiring me for my latest collections, musicals. The musical Arrabal with its intensity, sexiness and intrigue was a strong influence for this collection.


    What motivated you to go ahead in fashion industry?

    I have always been passionate about the industry and wanted it for my life, but after have children I realized that I need to follow my dreams and passions for them. I want to teach my sons that they should follow


  • Maria Pappas and her inspiring world of graphic designing !

    Inside the inspiring world of a brilliant graphic designer....
    What inspired or motivated you to be a Graphic Designer?
    Three things really motivated me from an early age:
    For one, both of my parents were very creative and as long as I can remember I loved making  anything with paper, type, images and color. I made greeting cards, paper flowers, word and image collages, and cartoon strips all the time. My Christmas cookies were ridiculous with all of their shapes and patterns. Creating something spontaneously out of whatever is surrounding me has always been a real thrill.


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