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  • Mixidot

    Inside the colorful world of Mixidot ...
    What inspired or motivated you to be a Graphic Designer?
    It will probably sound strange but up until I was16 I did not really have a passion for art or design for that matter. Being raised in Russia for the first 14 years of my life I had a very mathematical mind. It was only when I moved to Cyprus that I discovered the creative me :0) I had an exceptional art teacher at high school, who to this day I thank for showing me that I could draw. With that influence I passed my IGCSE art exam with an A+ and this put me on the path to becoming a graphic designer. When it


  • Leanne Herman .. Calgary-based Professional Make-up Artist

    Leanne Herman on becoming a successful make up artist in Calgary...
    What inspired or motivated you to become a Make-Up Artist?
    I've always loved the Beauty Industry: fashion, make-up, hairstyles, and art direction. Anything creative is right up my alley.
    My inspiration comes from all avenues - maybe it's a song that moves me, a film, walking through the streets of Paris, or my own personal story. I'm inspired by a variety of subjects. 
    Who are your customers?
    I work with so many great people including models, photographers, musicians


  • ROBIN WELLS .. Just to be part of the industry is Fantastic

    Robin Wells on becoming a successful graphic designer...
    What inspired or motivated you to be a Graphic Designer?
    I’ve always been interested in Design, since a young age I’ve just magnetised towards it. I use to compare the box art of video games with my brother and we’d rank our collection based on their design clarity, even the typography and positioning of the small print on the spine was scrutinised. 
    Give us a hint about the process of graphic designing, what are the factors you should put in mind when designing?
    I like to over analyse my work, It&rsqu


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