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    Why become a wedding planner? The owner of AMBER LAY EVENTS tells you why...
    What inspired or motivated you to be a Wedding Planner?
    When I was a senior in high school and contemplating what to do with my life I saw a TV show that documented the day-to-day work life of wedding planners. I immediately knew that wedding planning would fit my personality perfectly so I persisted an internship with my favorite planner from the show. I soon found myself 8 hours from home living in LA and learning the ropes of the wedding industry. Shortly after my internship I returned to college and started my own company. It

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  • BRIAN ALLEN "Flyland Designs"

    Why become an Illustrator and Graphic Designer? Brian Allen tells you why...
    What inspired or motivated you to be an Illustrator / Graphic Designer?
    I was raised by a clan of artists - my grandmother, uncle, great-grandfather, and brother are/were all artists in many different mediums.  My brother and I would draw our own action figures on cardboard and make our own comics.  I always looked up to his talent, and when I look back at it now, I realize that I spent a lot of time trying to outdraw him, and I think that competition helped me grow as an artist immeasurably.

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  • Dame Couture LLC by Holly Greenhagen

    Check out the brilliant work of Dame Couture LLC by Holly Greenhagen
    What inspired or motivated you to choose Bridal/Fashion Industry?
    I chose to design wedding gowns because it gave me the chance to work with high-end fabric and couture techniques, but still make a product there is demand for. 
    What inspired or motivated you to be a Fashion Designer?
    I learned to sew at age 13, and I loved it right away. I costumed shows for my high school community theater group and in college, made clothing for myself and my friends, and eventually realized that it was something I could pu


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