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  • EMMA BROWNSON Graphic Design

    Emma Brownson tells ProfileTree all about becoming a successful Graphic Designer...
    What inspired or motivated you to be a Graphic Designer?
    When I think back to my childhood hobbies, it isn’t any wonder I ventured into design. 
    As a kid you tend to start off with a more hand-centric approach to creating art or design. My big thing was designing my school exercise book covers, and they got more and more sophisticated and elaborate as I grew up. I’d even pay special attention to the typography of the cover title, usually grabbing various typefaces from magazines and arranging the


  • Adam Englehart Design - It's all about CREATIVITY !

    Adam Englehart is an exciting new Graphic Designer about to make a change in the world...

    What inspired or motivated you to be a Graphic Designer?

    Growing up, my favorite subject in school was always Art Class.  I enjoyed all aspects of it – the freedom to think creatively and tackle a painting or drawing project was always a huge appeal.  As I got older I began to develop a strong interest in poster design, specifically music and travel posters.  In those, I first began to recognize and appreciate typography.  I didn’t fully understand that I could pursue these interests as a career until my


  • Frances Lynn Creative "Frances Hernandez"

    Frances Hernandez on what it means to become a Graphic Designer...
    What inspired or motivated you to be a Graphic Designer? 
    I’ve always loved art. As a kid I was constantly drawn to the act of creating things rather it be through drawing, painting, collaging, or even building forts. Then I reached an age when I realized art can influence and inspire people. That’s when I knew I wanted to be in the creative industry. 
    Being a freelance graphic designer fuels my creative soul and helps me reach an audience in ways never expected. The need for innovation and new trends are wh


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